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1. Introduction

By using the service, the Customer confirms to have read, understood and accepted the contents of the following Sport Terms and Conditions including General Terms & Conditions as well.
BetKing reserves the right to make changes on the site, offerings and betting and payout limits.
BetKing reserves the right to amend, update or edit above mentioned terms at any time.
In case that rule specified for certain sport contradicts a general rule, the general rule won’t apply.
Any concerns or questions regarding these Terms & Conditions can be sent via email at cs@betking.com.ke.




2.  Betting procedure


 Sportbook bets are subject to 20% Excise duty taxation and 20% Withholding tax is calculated on the winnings. Your account will be credited with a Net winning amount. Before the betslip is confirmed, all taxation and net winning amount will be shown to the customer.


2.1. Types of bets


a. Single bet – bet on individual selection or outcome (one bet for one event). Winning wager is calculated by multiplying the staked amount with the odds offered for that selection (outcome). 

b. Multiple bet – bet with multiple selections, all of which must be correct for bet to be winning. The total odd value is calculated by multiplying the odds of the first selection with the odds of the second selection and so on. If all the selections win, winning wager is calculated by multiplying the staked amount with the total odd value. In case that one or more selections are void, the odds for that selection(s) will be calculated as 1,00 and remaining selections will stand. 

c. Combination bet – a combination bet with multiple selections. To distinguish it from multiple bets, this type of bets allows customers to win even though some of the predictions aren’t correct. For example, in the case of a 2/4 combination bet, customer would choose 4 selections and click on the Comb. bet tab at the bottom of the bet slip, where system bets options could be seen. The 2/4 system bet is made up of the 6 possible combinations, so even if only 2 of those possible combinations were winners, the bet would be winning, with the winning wager dependent on how many possible combinations win. Therefore, if none or only one of the chosen selections win, a combination bet loses. Also, there’s a possibility to include one or several matches as ‘bankers’ which means that the selected matches/events will be included in all coupons.
When placing a combination bet, the amount of winnings shown is the maximum winning wager possible if all the selections win.


2.2. Placing bets

The minimum stake on Sportbook events is Ksh 50, and Ksh 25 on Virtual games.

Only bets placed using BetKing official channels will be taken into consideration.

Except for "Live Betting" events, the deadline for placing a bet is the official start of the event or a predetermined time, whichever is earlier. BetKing reserves the right to void any bet or part of the bet if accepted in error after the betting has closed or where there is possibility that the customer could have an indication of the outcome. In such circumstances, when it comes to single bets the stake will be returned, and for multiple and combination bets - bet will be settled on basis of the remaining selections. We reserve the right to void bets if they have been placed after the event has officially started.


2.3. Bet acceptance and confirmation

BetKing reserves the right to refuse all, or part of any bet placed.
Bet will be valid only if it’s accepted by BetKing and unique transaction code for that bet is issued. Bet won’t be valid if the unique transaction code isn’t issued, and receipts printed before the bet was confirmed will not be considered valid. BetKing shall not be liable for settlement of any bets which are not issued with unique transaction code. If the player is unsure about the validity of bet, it’s advised to check its account history or contact BetKing Customer Service.
Unless accepted due to error, once accepted by BetKing, the bet cannot be changed or cancelled. It is the responsibility of the player to ensure details of their bet are correct and in accordance with their will prior to confirming them. We advise our players to always consult our market rules and description for sports or contact our Customer Support prior to placing bet. BetKing shall not be responsible in cases where players placed bets without previously understanding all of the terms and conditions or betting procedure.
Even though the bet cannot be changed or cancelled by the player after it has been accepted by BetKing, the Customers are offered a Cash Out option – for more information click here.


2.4. Cancellation of bets

Void - means cancelled events or bets because of abandoned matches, postponed matches, matches played before scheduled time and/or date, technical result, obvious errors, etc. Void bets are calculated with odds of 1.00. Should a customer include a void selection in a multiple bet/ system bet, the bet will be settled on basis of the remaining selections.
Bet can be voided no matter whether the bet/event has been settled or not.
If an event or game as a single bet is cancelled, the bet will be void and the stake will be returned to the customer. If an event or game in a double or multiple bet is cancelled, the cancelled selection will be void and odds for all other selections remain unchanged.

BetKing reserves the right to withhold payment or declare entire bet (or part of it) void if any of the following has occurred:
1) bets have been offered/placed/approved due to an error
2) bets have been accepted while the website had technical issues, that wouldn’t have been accepted under the regular circumstances
3) the integrity of the event has been called into question;
4) odds have been manipulated;
5) the outcome of the match has been manipulated (the match is fixed)
6) A public announcement has occurred in relation to the event/bet that could drastically alter the odds
7) In case there are changes of rules in any sports offer, all bets in markets related to that change placed before its execution will be voided
8) Where there is evidence of a series of bets each containing the same selection(s) having been placed by or for the same individual or group of individuals, which results in guaranteed customer profits irrespective of the outcome, BetKing reserves the right to settle bets at the correct odds or fully void these bets. Evidence that the above stated has occurred may be based on the size, volume or pattern of bets placed with BetKing across any or all of our betting channels. A decision issued by the relevant governing body of the sport in question (if any) will be conclusive.

A Multiple bet mustn’t include selections whose outcomes could affect each other (e.g. Djokovic to win semifinal of Wimbledon and Djokovic to win the Wimbledon tournament outright etc.) and bets containing such selections won’t be accepted. In cases where such a bet is accepted due to mistake, BetKing reserves the right to void the bet.

Furthermore, bets placed under the following circumstances will be voided:
1) Pre-match betting:
- If a bet has been placed after the event has officially started, regardless of it still being available for placing bets on our platform due to technical issues.
- Postponed or abandoned matches (further explained under ‘2.5 Results, settlement and payouts’)
- Matches that didn’t take place (further explained under ‘2.5 Results, settlement and payouts’)
- Matches not played as listed (e.g. Home team and Away team for listed match are reversed)
2) Live betting:
- The bet was accepted with incorrect odds due to delay
- The bet was accepted during the match actions whose outcome could drastically change the value of the odds (e.g. bets placed on the market Next Goal while a penalty is being taken)
- The bet was accepted on odds which represented a different score than the actual


2.5. Results, settlement and payouts

 In the case of football and other sports, bets are (unless otherwise stated for certain Sports/bet typologies) settled on the on the final score achieved on the game field and displayed at the end of the match which is obtained from TV transmissions, streaming sources and published by the official governing body. If a result is changed or declared void for any reason by sports’ governing body at any time following the end of the match, such change will not affect the result for customers and the original result will dictate any bets and/or winnings already paid.

In case of antepost selections, the bets will be settled after the end of the competition/round/phase to which they relate, including playoffs.

Scores, statistics and match details (gender of the teams, age groups, etc.) displayed are indicative only and no responsibility will be accepted by BetKing for bets placed on their basis.
In the case of uncertainty over the official result from match officials, the outcome will be determined by BetKing (acting reasonably) using information from independent sources.
If for any reason we are unable to validate the outcome of a particular market, all bets will be void, unless settlement of bets is unconditionally determined.

Unless otherwise stated for certain Sports/bet typologies, in cases where over 90% of the scheduled match time has been completed and the referee ends the match before the assigned time has elapsed then we will use that result for the settlement of all bets placed on the game.

Unless otherwise stated for certain Sports/bet typologies, whenever an event is officially postponed or abandoned, all bets related to that event will remain valid if the event takes place and is completed within midnight (EAT) of the day following the date originally set for the match.

If it does not take place or is not completed within the mentioned time frame, all bets related to that event will be voided within 24 hours.

If a team is no longer playing at the venue advertised, the bet will still stand as long as the venue has not been changed to the opponent's ground (or in the case of international matches, as long as the venue remains in the same country). However, BetKing reserves the right to void any bet where we feel that a change of venue has had a significant impact on the odds for that match. 

If the home team and away team for a listed match are reversed (e.g. match is played at the away team's ground) then bets placed on the affected markets will be void.
For matches played at neutral venues, the team listed on the left is still classified as the 'home' team for settlement purposes.
A team/player displayed on the left side of the offer is considered to be the home team/player and the one displayed to the right side of the offer is considered to be playing away.

Bets containing selections such as, but not limited to, ball possession, shots on targets, rebounds,etc. will be settled in accordance with the definition based on which the official governing body issues statistics. BetKing won’t acknowledge any Customer complaints based on personal interpretations of such terms.

BetKing team is always doing its best to keep all of the markets updated (such that potential winning selections for each market are always offered). In some cases, BetKing can offer market “Other” which includes all unlisted participants apart from the ones already stated as available. If an event is not offered under the market “Other”, BetKing reserves the right to add new selections/participants at any time after the publication of the initial list, including eventually requests by customers - not all participants are quoted in every event, but odds are available for almost all outcomes in any event. However, should the team/player/participant which ultimately wins be unavailable for any reason (non-runner), the rule of non-runner will apply – the rule of non-runner can be found here.

In the event of equal position/result of two or more competitors, ex aequo rules will be used – more details can be found here.

Where the participant is disqualified from taking part in a subsequent phase/part of an event/competition, it will be considered that the disqualification took place at the time of the participant’s removal from the events. No changes will be applied to previous results.

A bet on a “To Qualify” market which requires just one stage/leg to advance to a subsequent phase/round of a competition (including any eventual prolongations/additional matches, e.g. replays) will be voided if said match is not decided within more than 24 hours of its supposed start time.

Markets where there is reference to time frames should be interpreted this way (examples):
- Within the first 15 minutes – all match actions that took place between 0 hours (00:00) and 0 hours-14 minutes-59 seconds (0:14:59)
- Between 15 and 30 minutes – all match actions that took place between 0 hours-15 minutes (0:15:00) and 0 hours-29 minutes-59 seconds (0:29:59)


Last updated: 2020-06-02 11:40:37